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  1. Posted by vanyahargreevesofficial, — Reply

    Man: *proposes*. Fiona: Bish, you really doin’ this in a zoo? Tf, gurl, I ain’t judgin’ but I am judgin’, gurl lemme tell you sumn’, you go getcho self a Manz with standards.

  2. Posted by kermitdfonz, — Reply

    I'm not high maintenance. But if you proposed to me in the humid, fishy smelling, marine life exhibit at the zoo I will probably say no.

  3. Posted by GiantBugMouseBugMouse, — Reply

    I think I have been there....? Unless there is a zoo with a hippo enclosure that looks exactly the same as the one I am thinking of. Also why would you propose by the hippo enclosure. It probably stinks right there.

  4. Posted by WalkingGlowstick, — Reply

    Guys, calm down. This spot might have a significant meaning to them and that's why he's proposing there. For example, where they met or first date.

  5. Posted by cheyartgirl, — Reply

    For everyone asking why you'd propose at a zoo... My husband proposed to me under a gazebo in the pouring rain after we'd run through a national park. We were dirty, sweaty, dripping, and had a two-hour drive to get home. And it was the best damn proposal he could have done. ❤️ Not everyone wants a sunset lake champagne proposal.

  6. Posted by sadkittycat, — Reply

    See personally I love animals so I understand, but if it was a sanctuary or national park proposal that would b more understandable, but zoo...the poor babies are kept captive there just for the sake of entertainment for humans..

  7. Posted by sparklesandsmiles, — Reply

    If you’re proposing in a zoo you should propose in front of the penguins 🐧 because penguins apparently give their soulmate a stone! You could whip out the ring (which has a stone) and idk wouldn’t that be cute? 😂

  8. Posted by laceandsecretlibraries, — Reply

    Y’all don’t lie. Fiona was a part of the whole engagement. She’s their biggest fan and supporter. She’s the one who got them together, and she’ll be the maid of honor at the wedding and the godmother when the first little one comes along.

  9. Posted by ImBetterThanMyself, — Reply

    Why at a zoo like “babe this giraffes long ass neck reminds me of your long ass neck, will you marry me 😘” edit: actually tho...I might do this just to fuck with them.

  10. Posted by imboredagain, — Reply

    My brain glitched, kept reading "fiona the hippobombs" and couldn't get past what that meant. i think i should go to sleep now.

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