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~ 饾檨路饾檷路饾檮路饾檧路饾檳路饾樋路饾檸 ~ "i鈥檒l be there for youuuuuuu鈥 This wood sign doubles as a modern/cute/boho-ish home decor piece as well as a place to display photos of the favorite people in your life 饾悕 饾悇 饾悇 饾悆鉅饾悘 饾悗 饾悑 饾悁 饾悜 饾悗 饾悎 饾悆 饾悞 ? 鈮 we can turn your digital photos into polaroids! 鈮 head over to: https://www.etsy.com/listing/638316743 饾悑 饾悎 饾悞 饾悡 饾悎 饾悕 饾悊鉅饾悎 饾悕 饾悅 饾悑 饾悢 饾悆 饾悇 饾悞 鈮 18鈥 x 5鈥 wood sign , with twine attached 鈮 6 dark stained mini clothespins 饾悎 饾悓 饾悘 饾悗 饾悜 饾悡 饾悁 饾悕 饾悡 鈮 Select "Yes, please" in the "Add Command Strips" drop down menu to receive 2 pairs of command strips 鈮 Be sure the surface is clean and flat before placing strips! 鈮 Safe to use command strips in MOST dorms and apartments 鈮 Wood sign includes sawtooth hangers if you'd rather use nails 鈮 Signs intended purpose is to hang/display mini polaroids 鈮 Items are made to order - please allow 5-7 business days processing days 鈮 Have more FRIENDS + need more clothespins? $1.00 USD for 5 extra mini clothespins or $2.00 USD for 10 extra 饾悓 饾悁 饾悡 饾悇 饾悜 饾悎 饾悁 饾悑 饾悞鉅饾悢 饾悞 饾悇 饾悆 鈮 Pine wood 鈮 Rose gold paint 鈮 Permanent white vinyl 鈮 All natural twine 鈮 Mini wood clothespins 饾悞 饾悋 饾悎 饾悘 饾悘 饾悎 饾悕 饾悊 鈮 All items are shipped via USPS : you have the option to choose how fast or slow. Jake and Erica are not responsible for any shipping delays or errors that occur with USPS If you have any questions feel free to ask! Check out @jake.and.erica Instagram for updates on all items + promotions Sending you love from NJ Jake + Erica 鈽 鈽