Potted Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant | Art Print #115 | Boelter Design Co.


Potted Fiddle-Leaf Fig is a gouache painting by Philip Boelter. Inspired by the modern decor and vibrant bohemian colors. This art print is perfect for the plant loving person looking to spruce up their boho decor or office with some original and simplistic art. If you love fiddle leaf fig plants, you’ll love this print. It pairs well with the whole collection of my pink potted plants. Select your size below: 5x7, 8.5x11, or 11x14 (Prints are sized for popular framing options) This Art Print is Signed.


  1. Posted by itsjustana6, — Reply

    Hey give me a follow luvs I’m almost at 100 I would Frfr appreciate it definitely look at everyone’s accounts when they follow so there’s a 80% I will follow back 🦋 Thxs luv🤡

  2. Posted by divyagarg05, — Reply

    hi.. amazing work you do.. I am new to this..I have a good hand at painting.. what materials are used in such kinda painting...

  3. Posted by ayeshamakhdoom028, — Reply

    Amazing.. You just do well and good.. I like the painting.. And I think it is a silent poetry.. And I think it's a big talent to do 👌👌

  4. Posted by Biittertwiist, — Reply

    Everyone's talking about the paints but I'd love to know what brushes are being used. Gorgeous too, love the colors together.

  5. Posted by sbpanda29, — Reply

    Any time I hear gouache I think of kaseygold for some reason o3o) Maybe cuz I've watched to many of her vids XD lol

  6. Posted by brooke_of_lynn, — Reply

    Im jealous of ppl who can draw that lightly on canvas. I can draw relatively lightly but not that well😂

  7. Posted by theatre_kid9141, — Reply

    If that up there on the tittle was meant to say Gucci then they spelled that way WRONG.

  8. Posted by Red_Vell, — Reply

    Amazing. I think it is great to have a calm mind to do this...Well done. Keep it up. =v=

  9. Posted by juttusupra, — Reply

    How are you mixing two colours?..I did that, it mixed and created a new colour😅

  10. Posted by itsrainbowhunny, — Reply

    why does he hold the paint brush like it’s a pen? he’s painting not writing.

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